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I specialize in intuitive therapeutic touch and myofascial trigger point therapy.

Myo means muscle and fascia is our connective tissue that encapsulates every muscle cell. Fascia is the substance that holds our shape. Healthy fascia is like water, pliable and unrestrained. When you are in optimal muscle and fascial health, you feel a natural vitality and energy. You can build strength without feeling sore or stiff.  You move the way you want to, because all of your muscles are in optimal shape. You breathe deeply and fully, without any force or strain. You feel GOOD. You feel like you are IN your body, grounded and steady.

We maintain healthy fascia by drinking enough water and giving our bodies what we need in the way of nutrition, movement and rest.

Fascia that is dysfunctional can become hardened,  which causes the muscle fibers to be stuck in either a shortened or lengthened position.

These particular ‘stuck spots’ are called trigger points. Their presence can cause muscle weakness, stiffness, soreness, injury susceptibility, and referred pain. Trigger points can also cause an array of other disempowering sensations, like feelings of panic, depression, fatigue, and and a lack of natural vitality.

Trigger points are not always immediately active . . . meaning . . . we may not notice the gradual build up of tension, loss of range of motion, or lack of vital energy until pain is present. We can develop latent trigger points that may go unnoticed over time until we experience a sudden painful episode that seems to come out of nowhere. Like waking up with a stiff neck, ‘throwing your back out,’ or not being able to bend down to tie your shoes without pain.

The point here is not to wait until you’re feeling awful to engage in healthy practices. You can find relief from stress, tension and muscle tightness AND know that, even in severe cases of pain and discomfort, it IS possible to feel better.

Referred pain and other uncomfortable sensations that trigger points cause can be identified and eliminated through massage therapy sessions with me, and simple self-care techniques that I am happy to share with you.

My experience with Erin as a massage therapist was total bliss. She listens carefully to what ails you and checks in during the massage to make sure you are feeling good. I could feel the positive energy flowing from her into me. By far, the most therapeutic and enjoyable massages I have ever had.Mary Martin

Dear Everyone Who Is About To Be Lucky Enough to Work With Erin, I am a massage junkie, but NO ONE has ever given me a better massage than Erin. Her energy is one of peace, confidence, and communion with the world. Her spirt works through her hands in a way that feels like she has reached out and encompassed me in her aura for our time together. I leave feeling not only physically relaxed and better, but like I’ve spent time in a less stress-free corner of the universe than I manage to occupy on my own.Amy Fritsch

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