Massage Therapy

I call upon my natural gifts of intuitive guidance, presence and therapeutic touch, as well as my developed skills as a myofascial trigger point practitioner and yoga instructor.

Self Care Sessions

Yoga & practical techniques to empower you to take the best care of YOU.

Before I met Erin, I walked with pain and stiffness in my hips. I was diagnosed with bursitis in my hips and I had to take anti-inflammatory medication for pain relief. Then I met Erin, and through massage therapy, specifically trigger point therapy, and yoga my body has been transformed. I can walk now without pain or medications. Her incredible knowledge and understanding of the human body, along with her work and expertise in massage therapy, makes her an exceptional and gifted yoga instructor and person.Carol Martinez

Erin combines her love of yoga and knowledge of the body in perfect synchronicity. She is as bright as she is compassionate in her yoga teaching and healing massage practice.Carole Grant